Past Days!!



I can’t believe it’s already 2014!
The year has gone so quick.
Sorry about not posting for a couple of days.

Since Sunday to tomorrow I have been at my Grans

On Sunday when we arrived my little cousins, Ollie and Isla came over.
We swam in the pool. Which was very hot because it is part pool/spa.
We swam in the pool for an hour. We had dinner with my cousins.
Ollie wanted to have a sleep over so he wanted to stay. About 3 hours
later he wanted to go home so we took him home. We went to bed.


Today we had breakfast then got dressed and walked to Avoca beach.
We had a dip in the water cause it was soo COLD!!!.
We got back and relaxed for a bit. Then we got dressed and went to Erina fair.
We went to the play area and I did the bungee jump. Then we went inside.
I got a boost juice passion mango (which was so delicious) and went to sanity.
I bought myself the hobbit soundtrack cause I AM A BIG FAN!!!. Then we went to Lush.
From Lush I bought myself the Pink Rose Princess round bath bomb.
Then we went home.


I got home we put our swimmers on and we went in the pool. We got the dogs and put them in there too.
We swam in there then went out. We had dinner then I went and had a bath. I used the bath bomb and it is
so nice. It melts in the water and rose petals appear and the bath turns pink. It is so relaxing and soothes your
skin. I give it **********/10 or 10/10!! It completely works. I got dressed then I went into my room and watched
Asterix and Obelix. So funny. I finished it and went to bed.

Hope that sums up why I haven’t been blogging,
See you later lovely angels,

Xx Miss Angel


Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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