I really love this tag. It takes a long time to think 50 facts about yourself . I tag:

Harri from A Vanilla Craft blog

Ruby from A Vintage Girl

Everyone try it!!!

Here we go!!!

1. I chose Angie as my name because Angie is half of my first name.

2. My favourite fruits are mango, passionfruit, apples, manderines and banana’s. But I like a fruits in general.

3. I am a scorpio, which definitely shows.

4. When I’m older is still want to live in Australia. If not America, New Caledonia or Europe.

bo's tip

5. I love doing crafty things.

6. I have traveled to 1 country in my life which is Noumea the capitol of New Caledonia. I have also been to Uluru/Ayers Rock

7. I love clothes shopping.

8. I love stationary!

battle start

9. I love animal prints.

10. I have had 3 teeth taken out 1 incisor, 1 canine and 1 molar. Next year around March/April/May I have to get braces.

11. Karma Cups make me feel like vomiting.

12. I love all fantasy movies including The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and My Babysitters a Vampire.

im fat

13. I have a habit of biting my nails but I have been good at no biting my nails for the past month (no stress or worries!)

14. My hair is warm blonde my the fancy name is light hazelnut.

15. I love wearing bikinis!

16. I love swimming. Once I get in the water I can’t get out.

yes sir

17. Kikki K, Typo and Smiggle are my fave stationary stores.

18. The beach just makes me feel free!

19. I have a dark or light brown discolouring on my knee.

20. I love thongs! They are so comfy.


21. I am part French, part Aussie and part Croatian.

22. I play the Viola, Cello and Piano.

23. I love watermelon Chupa Chups I could eat everyone of them in the world.

24. I have an iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and iPod.

happy new year

25. I love nail polish! I put it on whenever I can.

26. I live on 7 1/2 acres.

27. My fave holidays are Christmas, Easter, My Birthday, New Years Eve and Friends Birthdays.

28. 1 famous Actress/Model has my first name.

merry christmas

29. My family has 5 cars.

30. I hate spiders + snakes. They freak me out! (I scream as loud as I can but with snakes I stay dead silent and still)

31. I hate wearing stockings ( They are so itchy!)

32. I go to school in the Hunter Valley.

my b essentials

33. I want to be a model/actress/dancer when I’m older.

34. I don’t like Dan Murphy’s (It smells so bad!)

35. I want a big house, like a mansion.

36. I love all flowers, especially roses.


37. I have never broken a bone before.

38. I love crystal clear water, it clears my mind.

39. I have never cut my hair short in my life. (but i want to!)

40. I love the colours purple, blue, aqua, green, black and many other colours.

wopan gangnam pusheen

41. Mexican food is my fave and so is Italian.

42. 1 thing I couldn’t live without is food + water.

43. I have 6 venus fly traps (which are really big!)

44. Guzman Y Gomez has the best Mexican food ever!


45. I really want a pet bunny + guinea pig.

46. Where I live is mostly very hot.

47. I have some of the best, brilliant, amazing and funniest friends ever!

48. I live mostly in the bush.

weekend plans

49. I have had my ears pierced since I was 5.

50. I love Pusheen!


Wow! that was harder than I thought! Well now you know 50 things about me! I am going to be doing more blog posts over the summer holidays! We have 8 weeks off! yay! I am going to have marathons of My Babysitters a Vampire, Big Bang Theory, Once Upon A Time and Hart Of Dixie!  Hope all you Aussies have a great holiday too! Email me at missangelsblog@gmail.com for any inquires or just a friendly hello!

Xx Angie ( I have decided to use half of my full name instead 0f Miss Angel!)


Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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