New design, New Instagram!

Hello my little angels,   I got a new Instagram account the other day for my blog its: angelloveblog So go follow me I am only 2 followers away from 50 followers! Can you get me to 1K? On Instagram I am having a hashtag/competition Prizes are: 1. Shoutout from me on Instagram + Blog 2. You get a follow from me 3. You get a handmade bracelet from me + drawing. 4. You can choose whatever you like for the 4th prize! Heres how you can enter: Follow angie_daisy_blogger Repost a pic from my pics saying: Get Angie to 1K On the post put the hashtag #getangieto1K Then you are in the draw to win! Here are a few pics for you to repost on if you like: image image image image   Thank you and good luck in the contest! My little sis is so cute and she loves watching Disney Junior. At the moment that is what we are watching! Ok, bye for now!   Xx Angie


Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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