One Year Already?!

Hello my little angels,

As you can tell from my title it is my 1 year anniversary already!
Well, it was actually on the 7th of December! Anyway, it has been a year since I first started this blog! I will post a blog post of photos from my blog I had posted in my 1 year anniversary!

Yay! Happy Bday! 🎉🎉🎉

Also, some exciting news, I GOT MY FIRST COLLABORATION!!! Yes I know, you are probably wondering with who? For know it is a secret! All I can tell you is it has to do with lip balm! Ok, I will tell you it is with: LIPBALM LAND! yay! you can shop online there at: LipBalm Land . Also I have another blog called: Crafty Owl please check it out! I will have more posts on here and there since its the summer holidays!

Well, thats all for now!

Xx Angie


Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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