Christmas + New Years Eve

Hi my little angels,


I can’t believe its christmas already! Me and my family have had a party and my step-dads parents house today! Then later this arvo we are going to my mums dads house! Well heres what has happened these past 2 days!:


Christmas Eve:

things your cat wants for christmas

I went to my dads mums house for a Christmas there (We are french so we celebrate Xmas on Christmas Eve)

So we prepared the food and then got ready! It started at 6:30 so I did some dances for them (from my concert!) And then we opened the presents!

I got: $950 (I am pretty rich! lol), some bracelets, a beach towel and a french bèret!

Then we had food till 8:30 then went to bed!


Christmas Day:


We left the central coast and went to my step-dads mums place to have lunch.

We got their at 10:30 and then got ready for lunch at 1:30. We had lunch and now my little cousin is asleep and we are waiting for her to wake up so we can open the presents!

Then later today we are going to my mums dads house to have dinner and open presents!

And to see my 2 cousins!


What have you been up to today? Comment below! Merry Christmas!

Xx Angie



Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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