Collab with Nearly A Princess 2: Makeup Review

Hi guys,
Today me and Nearly A Princess are going to do a review on the makeup product called BabyLips. So lets get started!
Review 2 1
Before opening it, it even looks good in the packet! I love the colour it makes it bright and happy. I love BabyLips, I have used it a few times and still is the best lip product I have used ever!
I love the flavour, it looks and tastes so delicious! If you haven’t got BabyLips, well you haven’t lived your life yet! I love BabyLips and I  have a total of 5 of them. You can get them really cheap at Target, Big W and many other places! My lips get dry all the time, especially in winter so this is in my purse or pocket at all times! I am always amazed with the new flavours they bring out!
Review 2 2
The beautiful detail on the outside of the tube.
Review 2 3
Me putting the wonderfulness on my lips!
This lip balm moisturises and keeps your lips smooth at the same time, and this is my best lip buy ever! I overall give this a 10/10!
Before I opened it
Before I opened it
Just after opening it!
Just after opening it!

Have you ever used BabyLips? No? Well how about you go off and buy it to start living a real life whilst you still can! I’m your excuse to spending money to buy it, okay? You’ll thank me one day.

BabyLips is so tasty and is created by a really good make-up brand, Maybelline! Yes, it’s cheap too! I got mine from Coles for $4.10, but you can get it cheaper at Target and Woolworths and Big W etc.

I had heard great things ’bout BabyLips, but was a little hesitant at first to buy it. I mean, I was well and truly a Team LipSmackers kid. Secretly I was hoping I could get a BabyLips though… So when Angie said that maybe we could review it, I knew my perfect excuse had finally arrived. I am so glad it happened! When I first used a BabyLips I could already see my huge BabyLips chamber being built. The flavours are super nice and addictive, they moisturise my lips well (my lips can get dry because I have a weird habit of licking them), and it is so easy to carry around! You know you’ve packed your schoolbag well when you have a BabyLips in there!

This is how my lips looked after using BabyLips.
This is how my lips looked after using BabyLips.

Like I said, I was worried this was going to be a bit of a LipSmackers rip off, but it turned out to be my best lips buy ever! I rate this 10/10!


Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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