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Collab with molly and gizmo

Today I am doing a collaboration with one of my new friends, Jessica. And of course it is an interview!


I am so excited to do a collaboration with one of my GREAT new blogger friend Jessica. So lets get started!

Since Jessica has her blog on INSTAGRAM, I am doing both of our Questions and Answers on here. Here is the questions Jessica asked me and the answers to them!


How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging for 3 years now, and my 3rd anniversary is December 7th 2015.

Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog because I came across Emily Jane Blog, then Miss Zali Blog and then I found heaps of different bloggers, and I was like ‘hey why not start a blog about fashion, crafts, lifestyle’ so this is how I came to be. First I asked my stepdad to help me find a good platform, which was WordPress and he helped me set it up and I was ready to go! My blogging adventure has had rocky roads, and I considered quitting blogging in 2014, but I am glad I decided to keep at it otherwise I would never have met my amazing blogger friends.
shake your booty
What inspires your blog posts?
Sometimes I just come up with them on the spot like ‘hey, i think i am going to post this’, sometimes I plan in a notebook about what the post is going to be about/the text inside of the post and sometimes I find nice pictures/posts that give me heaps of inspiration! There is so much things I can post about, so I never run out of blogging ideas. I also look through blogs and if I like one of their posts I might modify it to my standards as well.
Who are your favourite bloggers?
I have so many favourite bloggers, but if I had to have a top 5 it would be Zali, Emily, Chloe, Harri and Rosie. I have so many other favourite blogs, and I always find new ones to get inspiration from! Its a never ending list, like time.
What else besides blogging do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy doing dancing, and I do 4 classes a week (specialising in tap), I like to be funny + goofy (I can tell very bad jokes), I love playing with my American Girl Dolls, and I like to go outside! I just love doing everything! (That I take after my mum)
What do you want to do as a career?
Hmm, I either want to be a surgical doctor, a photographer or professional blogger! They are all things I am interested in, and we just can’t tell what the future holds.
A 6
What are your favourite fashion trends?
I don’t really have a favourite fashion trend/s, but it would probably be the crop top trend. I am just not up with the latest trends, lol.
What is your favourite piece of clothing?
It is definitely socks! Just buy me every sock in the world and I will be happy. I love all the different designs, and how they are so soft and comfy.
Favourite colour?
My favourite colour would have to be mint or aqua! I love how they just suit anything, even dog bowls/collars! (Really weird example I just used)
Favourite TV show?
My favourite TV show would have to be Dance Moms. MacKenzie is my fave in the whole show, and I just absolutely love the costumes and routines!
Now onto my Questions and Jessica’s answers:
M&G 2
What/Who inspired you to start blogging?
I started blogging to share the things I love to do and wear. I want to be a photographer so I thought having a blog would allow me to experience and further myself as a photographer.
M&G 1
Will you ever go to a blogging platform like WordPress?
 I have tried other blogging platforms, but I’ve found that Instagram is more excessible to me as well as my followers. Its easier to post a picture to Instagram rather than having to upload my content to the internet.
M&G 5
Where do you like to take photos for your blog? 
 I love taking my flatlays in my bedroom, the lighting is always just right! All of my pictures, except for a few, are taken at my house.
M&G 8
What is your favourite type of photo style (flat lays and things like that)? 
 I love flatlays! Im not so keen on outfit posts, I prefer to be behind the camera.
M&G 4
What are some of your favourite blogs? 
My top 3 favorite blogs are Pretty Dresses in the Laundry, Harper and Harley and of course this blog right here! X (Aww, thanks so much Jess!)
M&G 6
Would you consider blogging as a career you have in mind?
Wanting to be a photographer, I feel being a blogger would definitely assist my career.
M&G 3
What is your favourite brand/s?
 I love Topshop, Jay Jays, Supre and Colette.
M&G 9
Do you wear makeup? If so what is your favourite brand? 
 I don’t wear make up!  (Thats awesome)
M&G 10
Do you have a favourite type of blog (fashion, beauty, DIY)? 
I love fashion blogs as well as lifestyle blogs and food blogs.
M&G 7
Do you like Peach Iced Tea?
I’ve never tried Peach Iced Tea. (You should so try it! Remember Lipton Peach Iced Tea)
Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post and it was my final collaboration for the moment. Would you like to collaborate with me? Email me @ !
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