diy ~ no soil flower pot !

Hi guys,

Today I finally have my first DIY craft! It is a ‘no soil flower pot’, and please tag your creations on Instagram to #angelloveblogdiy ! I look forward to seeing your own flower pots, lets get started!

DIY 1.1
IMG_5988 DIY 1.2 You will need:

Flowers (Around 5-10, or however many you need to make sure the paper isn’t showing), Scrunched up paper (As many as you need to have two layers in the pot of the scrunched up paper), a small pot and scissors.


Grab some of your scrunched up pieces of paper, and add them to the pot to make one layer, like the picture below.


It should look like this ^


(Sorry the picture is the wrong way) Continue with the step above.


(Sorry the picture is the wrong way) It should now look like this ^


(Sorry the picture is the wrong way) If the flower stems are too long, you can trim them up so they fit comfortably in the pot.


Place one of your flowers into the middle, this one will go on top of all the others.


Insert your flowers into the pot, it should look like the picture below.


Ta-da! You are done, and your flower pot should now look like this!


Now you can decorate your room with your awesome flower pot!

I hope you enjoyed this diy, and it will look great in your room from the spring and summer season. You may have to change the flowers every now and then when they die, but otherwise your room will look and smell springtastic!

xxx angie

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Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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