2015 Birthday/Christmas Wishlist !

Hey guys,

Its my birthday month in November ! To be exact, my birthday is on the 18th of November, and I am sooooooo excited (hip hip hooray !) I decided I would do a small wish list for my Birthday/Christmas.


Sportsgirl Masai Black Sunglasses // Shop Jeen Hologram Backpack // Shop Jeen Furry iPhone Case // Miss Pots Marble Pouch // Kikki-K Blue Mug // Kikki-K Clipboard // Kester Black Silverbirch // Kester Black Bubblegum // Sports girl Skin Smoothie Vanilla

Ok so let me explain why I would really like these things. 1. SportsGirl Masai Black Sunglasses: These look so perfect and I need a new pair for the summer season coming up! They are also stylish and cute. 2. ShopJeen Hologram Backpack: I just really need a new backpack, and this one is so awesome! I love how it’s a hologram, and will make you look pretty. 3. ShopJeen Furry iPhone Case: This case is so awesome, and I just love how it’s furry and has little gems and a bow on it! 4. MissPots Marble Pouch: Well let’s just say, this pouch and brand are adorable! I just love the design on it. 5. Kikki-K Blue Mug: I would legit drink in this mug everyday! I just love the blue colour (Blue is my FAVE colour!) and how it is ombre. 6. Kikki-K Clipboard: This clipboard is awesome, and will be very good for storing those essays I have to work on (Lets be real, we all are annoyed with our work! 7&8. KesterBlack Silverbirch and Bubblegum Polish: These colours are so adorable, I would wear them EVERYDAY. 9. SportsGirl Skin Smoothie Vanilla: Am I not the only one that loves to moisturise their skin after a nourishing bath or shower? This moisturiser is a vanilla scent that is just SO GOOD.

Well, I hope you enjoyed todays post, BTW I am sick 😦 I hope I get better soon, and I will see you guys with my next post!

xx angie

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Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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