collab with ellie !

hi wonderful peeps !

today I am collating with the amazing, wonderful and beautiful Ellie from ‘Pearls and Peonies’ blog ! link to her blog is here » PEARLS AND PEONIES BLOG


today, we are going to be doing our favourite items for the spring/summer season! so lets get started with my faves first !


my first summer item is lip balm, especially the Nivea Repair SPF 15 balm ! it is so nourishing on my lips, and is just amazing ! if you want a new lip balm, go. just go and get this one !


my second summer item is of course Daisy by Marc Jacobs ! it smells so so SO amazing, and i could wear it everyday, all day. the design on the bottle also makes it extra cute ! go and buy this perfume if you like the smell of flowers and summer fruits !


my third favourite summer item is sunglasses ! they keep the sun off my eyes extremely well, which is great if you have really sensitive eyes like me ! they are also super stylish which i adore so much !


my fourth favourite summer item is my hat ! it is really cute, and is made of a lacy material and has a brown leather plait going around the middle of the hat ! it keeps the sun out so so SO well, and it is just amazing !


my fifth summer item is this adorable sunflower necklace ! i just love this necklace, it isn’t chunky on my neck with is a big positive for me and it also suits every summer outfit i have !


yes, my sixth item is kevin murphy fresh hair dry shampoo ! it is amazing on my hair, and makes it feel refreshed and exactly how i feel when i wash my hair when i have a shower.


my seventh item/s are of course hair accessories ! they are just so fun for summer, and help me express my own style. the strawberry hair band is from my pen-pal Greta; you can check her out » here «


my number eight item is flower crowns ! they are the perfect touch to any item, and you can get them in any shape, size and design ! these ones are both from lovisa and equip !


my ninth item is this amazing soft vanilla relax candle ! it has an amazing scent, and reminds me of tropical beaches in the carribean. i love to use it when i am having a nice long bath with one of my favourite lush products !


my last favourite item for summer is my comfy chair ! i love to blog on the chair, eat food and play minecraft ! it is so comfortable, and you can use it all the time ! it is also my favourite item to sit and watch netflix on !

now, here are ellie’s summer faves !

summer 1

summer is my favourite season because I love the hot weather and swimming in the pool/going to the beach and just having fun in the sun! summer for me in australia also means 2 months holidays! so to celebrate summer here are some of my favourite summer products:

summer 2

1. BB cream is a daily go to for me but I especially love it in summer because it’s pretty light so it doesn’t go gross when you sweat and it has SPF which is amazing because I hate putting sunscreen on my face it’s so oily and bad for your pores!

summer 3

2. Victoria’s Secret love spell perfume. I love this perfume in summer just because it has a really fruity scent and reminds me of summer! The scent is cherry blossom and peach.

summer 5

3. Playsuits! I love playsuits/jumpsuits because hey are so quick and easy and great for summer. You can throw one on and be out the door in a few minutes! It saves all the trouble of matching an outfit and they are easy to accessories because they are usually all one colour/pattern.

summer 6

4. In summer because it’s the holidays I always love to paint my nails with a bright pop of colour or a neutral white or nude colour. I also love to buy some fake nails because I love having glamorous nails and I’m not that great at painting my nails.

well guys, i hope you enjoyed this amazing collab with ellie @pearlsandpeoniesblog ! please go check her blog out, and expect some more summer posts coming out soon !

xx angie

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Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

5 thoughts on “collab with ellie !”

  1. Hey Angie! Thanks so much for all the lovely things you said about my blog I loved the post! And sorry I didn’t give you pictures but you chose some great ones xx



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