liebster award !

hello guys !

today i have been nominated by Ari from ‘Aribebop’ to do the leister award ! go check out her blog here » ARIBEBOP ! let’s get started !

liebster award!!

what is your favourite donut flavour?

my favourite donut flavour would have to be jelly donuts or pink sprinkle iced donuts !

what is your number one song that is singing around in your head at the moment?

ok, this might sound weird but 99 seconds of harry potter is singing in my head because i listened to it last night 😂

what is your favourite app on your electronic device?

my favourite app on my device is minecraft !!

what is the cutest thing you own right now? (pictures please!)


the cutest thing i own right now would have to be my blue chair !

who is your favourite disney character of all time?

Sven ! he is just so funny 😂


I nominate:

Zali ~

i also nominate anyone else who would like to participate ! here are the questions !

  • why did you start blogging?
  • what are your top 5 favourite items at the moment?
  • embarrassing blogger moment?
  • favourite food?
  • favourite outfit post on your blog?


thank you so much for reading this post ! see you later !

xx angie

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Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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