blogmas | 5 ways to get in the christmas mood !

hello guys !

today i have a blogmas post ! today i am going to be doing 5 ways to get into the christmas mood, lets get started !

decorate your room for christmas

blogmas 1.1

you can decorate your room to get into the christmas mood ! add some tinsel on your walls, christmas ornaments on your shelves, and even add a mini christmas tree in your room to decorate with a mini star and ornaments !

do some diy christmas crafts

blogmas 1.2

you can make some cute diy’s to get into the christmas mood, pinterest is a great place for christmas crafts & diy’s ! you can make garlands, ornaments, food, etc. nothing is too big or small ! my favourite christmas diy’s have to be garlands and ornaments.

dress up yourself and your pets in christmas attire

blogmas 1.3

you can dress up your pets in christmas outfits ! yes it may sound silly, but you can get some adorable outfits, and take some adorable photos ! you can also dress yourself up in a santa hat or reindeer apron, the there are so many opportunities !

hang your stockings up around the house

blogmas 1.4

you can hang your christmas stockings around the house ! you can get some adorable stockings from etsy, and some adorable stocking hangers from etsy too. you can even make your own stockings and hangers ! you can also fill your siblings or friends stockings with some treats for the christmas time !

make a mini christmas basket for your friends

blogmas 1.5

you can make a little christmas gift for your friends ! you could include a homemade card, gifts and things they love. you could also make them for your teacher, pet, other family relatives etc. you can be as creative as you like !

well, i hope you enjoyed this post, please comment down below what you would like to see in the blogmas series ! please check out my instagram as i have a christmas giveaway going on there !

xx angie

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Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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