2015 in review !

hello guys!

today has been a whopping amazing year ! so today i am doing 2015 in review. i was lucky enough to meet some amazing new friends, such as india, greta, april, rosie, hatsy, bella and more ! i started writing pen-pal letters to rosie, greta, april and hatsy, therefore getting to know a few of my other blogger friends in the process. i did a fair few collaborations, with so many people from the blogging community. i did not do many collaborations with brands, but hopefully a new year is a new start! i started many segments on this blog, two of them are blogmas and girl talk. i was lucky enough to do two photoshoots this year, one of them i cannot import due to camera problems, but hopefully my step-dad will help me fix this slight problem. this year i started my youtube channel, only posting american girl videos. this year i am hoping to start doing lifestyle and minecraft videos on the channel as well as american girl ! this year on instagram, i hit 400 followers, and amazing amount of people who fully support this tiny little blog, and on pinterest i hit 4.2K an amazing number of people, many of them do not follow this little blog or my instagram though. on my blog at the start of this year i hit around 10 followers, and now in december i just hit 25 followers ! this year I’ve learnt a few tricks for blogging on wordpress, and made my blog look more like how I want it, not how other people want it. now that i have stopped rambling on, lets look at some of the highlights this year!


DSCN0827 January

Did my first photoshoot on my blog AND uploaded it, plus celebrated the New Year


M'n'M's 5d07e-opening2bgrace2b33

I tried these AMAZING M’M’s ( I am now addicted ) and I got my first American Girl doll, Grace now named Ophelia (I now have 3 American Girl Dolls! )



i did a mini photoshoot with Lola, and i did a post on how to celebrate Harmony Day !


Review 2 2 IMG_4198

i did two amazing collaborations with hatsy ! you can find them here and here



in may i didn’t post much, but i did do this tiny collage on some stuff that i really liked that month ( cringeworthy )


IMG_0016 june

in june i started the angel love ______ series where i would put a quiz up for you guys to answer, i hope to continue that next year ! i also posted heaps of pictures of my chihuahua puppet.


M&G 5NAP 1

i did some amazing collaborations with jessica and hatsy ! you can check them out here and here . i also had fun playing with some new blog name titles. 


DSCN1310 DSCN1418

i did not post in this month very much, but i did take a lot of photos of ophelia and even made a doll instagram account @agdollsandangels to post alongside with @angelloveblog .


IMG_5988 Fashion Inspo 1

i did my first diy ever, ‘ diy flowers in a pot ‘ and i also started a fashion segment on this little blog as well !


Image-1 copy Birthday

i started my segment girl talk and i also made my birthday wishlist ! i got some the things on there for my birthday and christmas.


bday 2015 cake unicorn

it was my birthday on the 18th and i celebrated by having a break from posting on this blog this month, though i did plan many posts for december.


IMG_6189 Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.49.14 PM

i did a few collaborations this december, and i also did blogmas this year ! i started late, but next year i am going to be planned ahead to get everything done on time ! i also make this blog button, which you can find in the blog button page in my sidebar.

all i can say is, thank you so much for an amazing action packed year, and i can’t wait to see what next year brings towards this tiny little section of the internet ( as hatsy would say lol )

xx angie

instagram ~ https://www.instagram.com/angelloveblog/
pinterest ~ https://www.pinterest.com/angelloveblog/
youtube ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZWY28FJRo9k72PDvEhMMoA


Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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