Girl Talk | how to deal with friends.

Hi guys!

Today I am back with another Girl Talk post. Todays topic is… FRIENDS. Having friends can be hard, but when do you know to end the friendship and let them go if they are treating you like nothing?

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I’m sure everyone out there has had one friend thats been over-the-top, nasty, and generally just a big bully. Let me tell you straight up, no-one and I mean NO-ONE can push you around and harass you. Let me tell you a little story about a friend I had that was just a big bully to me and other people.

So, for keeping the bully friend anonymous lets call her Big Bully. Big Bully and I had a great group of friends. We all had so much fun and loved hanging out together until… she decided that the only way to have fun was to bully us. First it started off with one of my friends, who we shall call H.

H had sprained her hand during a basketball incident, meaning we couldn’t play what we usually would at lunchtime. The taunting began with sayings such as ‘now we won’t be able to play this and that at my sleepover because of you’, ‘i think you hurt your hand on purpose’ and the worst of all ‘why are we even friends with you?’. Now being caught in the middle of all of this is hard. Who is doing the real damage here? H or Big Bully? How can I as a person fix this? After Big Bully had moved on from H, she decided to harass and annoy me.

I was not very happy with Big Bully at that time, because bullying someone you are friends with is not right. But when it started to happen to me, I felt like I was falling into some kind of dark and scary nightmare. Big Bully turned my closest friends against me, and made my life as miserable as it could have been. She taunted me exactly as she did to H, called me rude names and was just generally nasty. Thats when I decided that the time to deal with this problem was now.

I took her aside and asked her what was wrong, and NO answer, just another rude remark/taunt. It really started to get on me and my other friends nerves, and thats when we decided to put an end to this friendship. I think that was one of the best decisions I have made to this day. She ended up getting over this phase, but she no longer goes to my school. She has blocked all the people who were in the incident on social media, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Now back on the topic, how can YOU deal with people who are bullies, and especially your FRIENDS that are bullies. My tips are to:

  • Just take them aside ask them if they are ok, you never know, maybe something is happening in their own life that are causing them to act in this mean way.
  • If they continue acting like this, just ignore them. You don’t need this negativity in your life.
  • You could always take them aside and talk to them about how you and your friends are feeling. She may not have even thought about how that made you feel in the first place.
  • And if it gets bad, put an end to your friendship and let them go. This is one of the toughest things to do. Just take the bully aside with your friends and tell them that you think this friendship is going nowhere and you want to call it quits.

And remember, even though the road ahead seems dark and mysterious, it will get better in the end. Have you had a friend that has acted in this manner? Do you have any other tips to confront and deal with bullies? Are you currently the victim of an issue like this? Please comment down below. Sometimes letting out how you feel is the best thing, and I will always respond. Maybe you can be kind to someone who has left a comment below and help them out. I will see you guys next time for another post. What issue would you like me to talk about next time?

xx angie

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Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

7 thoughts on “Girl Talk | how to deal with friends.”

  1. Something I also don’t like is those friends who ask you for all those ‘favors’. The school I went to none of the kids there I clicked with, so when I moved schools I met the right friends and everything became better. I totally understand where you’re going with Big Bully, it’s so important to cut out the people from your life that make you unhappy and make you lose friends. Chat later xx!
    Hatsy xx

    1. I don’t like those ‘favours’ people too! I started to not enjoy life and going to school to see my friends everyday, and thats when I realised I should end the friendship.
      xx angie

  2. Hi, I’m sort of late to this! Just saw it now. 😉
    I’m going through a friendship problem at school right now, so this helped a little.
    So, I used to be friends with this girl that I’ll call C.
    We used to be really great freinds. We had so much in common, we used to help each other with homework, spend recess together, sit next to each other in every lesson, etc. About a month and a half ago, she started acting really cold around me and started avoiding me. I know that she wasn’t annoyed that I was always with her. At first I was like, okay, I’ll give her time and I’ll just stay with different people for a little while. Finally, after a week or two, I asked her in private if everything was okay. C. said ‘yes’ and then ‘speed-walked’ out of the room. Another few weeks passed, and C. started glaring at me, criticizing what I said during class, and generally being kinda nasty. So then I asked her why she was acting liked this, nicely and in private. She didn’t answer. I then decided to talk to my mom about this, who wrote an email to C.’s mom. I’d like to say that C. had also been impolite with my mom as well. C.’s mom wrote back, saying that C. had told her that she still liked me but wanted to engage with other people. That was definitely a lie. Everything that she did showed that she didn’t like me, and she wasn’t interacting much with others. A few days later, I found a letter in my locker, stating that she had enjoyed being my friend, but wished to become friends with other people. Although she did not state this straight out, it was quite clear that she did not wish to speak to me. I want her to be happy, so if she does not want to be friends with me, she doesn’t have to. I must add that I don’t see her interacting with many other people.
    Unfortunately, she is being pointedly mean, such as trying to exclude me from sitting at the lunch table that she is at, among other hurtful actions. She glares at me on average a few times a day.
    I’m trying to ignore her and not let this bring me down, but do you have any advice?
    Thank you so much!
    -Lily from

    1. Hi Lily,
      I’ve been through this plenty of times, and this happened to me at the start of the school year! A tip would be to ignore her and hang out with other people, to try and get your mindset off this problem. If you were really good friends she would apologise to you, but sometimes that doesn’t work out. With my friend L she was really mean to me and ignorant, so I just decided this isn’t going to work so I should find some new friends. She still hasn’t apologised but we talk every now and then. Another tip would be if it gets worse tell a teacher, or the school counsellor (they can really help you out!) about your problem, so maybe they can have a chat to C to see what the problem is. If it does get worse you can always consult to Kids Helpline (an anonymous help line helping kids with all different problems) or maybe a physiologist (my physiologist helps me out a lot!). I hope it gets better soon, always see the light in the dark!
      xx angie

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