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Hello guys!

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Sorry for not posting lately, I haven’t had the time and have been working on this amazing project with Liana Kathryn that is so exciting! Today I am doing a q and a with the lovely Liana Kathryn, and you can check out my answers on her lovely blog here. Lets get started!

Why did you decide to start blogging?
My mum is a blogger, and I was inspired by her. (Go check out Renee’s blog here 💗)
What camera do you use and what preparation do you go through before you take a photo?
I use a Sony A6000. Before I take a photo I have to make sure I have good lighting, good styling, and that the products look nice in the shot! And I have to make sure Nigella can not jump on the table. (Silly Nigella 😹)
Favourite music?
I like all music! (Me too 🎧)
Favourite shows?
Gossip Girl, Fuller House and Good Game (Excellent choices 😉)
Liana 1
Favourite activities?
Blogging, soccer and crafting! (blogging is the best 👊)
What is your favourite animal?
I love love love love love foxes! (They are so cute 🐺)
Favourite fashion statement?
Jeans and big woolly jumpers. (Perfect for this winter weather ☁️)
Dresses or Pants?
Pants! (They are way more comfy 👖)
Liana 2
What is your favourite way to travel?
I like aeroplanes… ZOOM! (I love all the aesthetic photos people take ✈️)
Favourite fruit?
Hmmmm… I’d have to say cherries (mmm delicious 🍒)
Obsessing over?
The Divergent series and graphic design! (I love graphic design, that is one of my dream jobs! 🖥)
What motivates you?
Hmmmm… I’d have to say that if it makes me feel happy, I also feel motivated! (That’s a great answer! 👌)
Liana 3
Favourite colours?
Mint, fluro green and bright blue! (Mint is one of my faves, just ask my mum 💙)
Favourite blogging memory?
Getting a job as a brand rep! (That’s a great accomplishment babe 💖)
Favourite device?
I’d have to say my computer. I wouldn’t be able to blog without it! (I couldn’t be able to do the things I love without mine! 📷)
Favourite food?
Burritos and cookies and cream ice cream. But not together! (I love those foods too! 🌯)
Liana 5
Favourite drink?
Either creaming soda or Pineapple coconut juice. (I have never tried those 🍧)
Instagram or blog?
Blog! (Definitely, because on a blog you can write as many words as you like 📃)
What is 3 things your besties would say about you?
That I’m AWESOME (I hope), That I’m really funny, and that they LOVE me! (My besties definitely wouldn’t be that nice 😹 jokes)
What do you think you will be doing in 75 years?
Playing with my grandchildren in my backyard. (That’s a very nice scene 🏡)
Liana 4
Sweet or Savoury?
Sweet! I have a sweet tooth (I would rather a donut than sherbet 🍩)
Spending or Saving?
I would like to say saving, but yeah spending! (I’m only saving up my money to get a camera 💸)
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Please comment down below what you would like to see on the blog and YouTube channel, and remember all photos except the top one are Liana’s and Renee’s (The top one was made by me!). Don’t forget to follow me on all my social media links below!
xx angie
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Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “Liana Kathryn | Collab”

  1. Nice! Also, you like minecraft, right? Well I’m currently OBSESSED with this minecraft roleplay called Mystreet. The second season is better than the first in my opinion. It’s like a rom-com so if you like that sort of thing it’s awesome. It’s on a youtube channel called Aphmau, btw 🙂

    1. I love Minecraft! Aphmau is my favourite youtuber, I have seen all of her videos! I am upset though Laurance isnt in any of the current videos, he was my favourite character, after Travis and Zane! I am actually trying to start my own role-play! My youtube channel is in this post if you wanna check it out!

      xx angie

      1. YAS!!!! Finally another person who actually knows about her. I really like Travis too. He’s so sassy and hilarious. I also like Aaron, especially in the first season. He’s so cool and chil. I will totally check out your youtube channel!!!!

      2. I love Travis too, because he is me in a nutshell. Aaron is amazing too, because he is always supportive of Aphmau! I loved todays episode as well as a couple of days ago!

        xx angie

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