Trip to New Caledonia – Part 1

Hello again,

I just recently went on a trip to the lovely island of New Caledonia and Ils Des Pins in the holidays to have a vacation and visit family. It was so lovely, and I actually managed to get a tan. I know, I got an actual tan. This is something. But, I thought you guys would like to see the photos, so here I am with a few posts about my trip!

2016-10-02 14.39.47.jpg

This, this beautiful thing, was the view from our hotel room. I just loved eating breakfast on the balcony everyday – bread and sometimes noodles, and reading a book out here. It’s just so soothing.

2016-10-02 15.32.58.jpg

This. Bagel. Sandwich. Was. So. Good. It tasted amazing, I need another one. Smoked salmon on cream cheese with eggs, tomato, cucumber and lemon, and was is photo worthy.

2016-10-03 17.25.34.jpg

My Great-Grandma’s plants are so aesthetically pleasing, it makes me so happy! It inspires me to grow my own succulents.

2016-10-04 12.59.25.jpg

This ice cream. This is how life needs to be. That is literally all cream. And it was so amazing.

2016-10-04 13.02.14.jpg

And this, is the inside of the goddess. It’s the queen of ice-cream. loOK at it! It was so good, I need more in life 👌.

2016-10-02 11.24.24.jpg

This plane photo is my favourite. The colours give me life. I made the mistake of reading a fan fiction were they crashed on a plane and I was terrified the whole flight 😂.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed part one of the photos from my trip! I felt like a pro getting into my ninja positions to take these. Most of them were taken with Hamilton puns being created or said. I am totally not listening to Hamilton whilst writing thi- THOMAS JEFFERSON’S COMING HOMEEEE!

xx angie 1



Author: Angie

I am Angie, a 12 year old confetti lover, illustrator, food-aholic and fashion enthusiast.

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