collaborate with angel love



I would love to collaborate with fellow bloggers, brands and businesses. Please email me at: if you would like to collaborate with me

 Business Collaborations:

If you would like to promote your/a clothing/accessories/miscellaneous store/item, I can wear/use a piece of clothing/accessory/miscellaneous into a post with c/o and a link to your shop, and a small paragraph about the product/s. You could also host a giveaway, offer a promo code, run a competition – or something completely different! I’m very happy to discuss any ideas you have, plus I am am very happy to collaborate with you!

Product Review:

If you have a non clothing item you would like to promote, a product review would be a great idea. I am happy to promote any products that fit in to the following categories that my readers might like:

— Beauty/Hair/Body
— Books/movies/entertainment
— Craft supplies
— Home decor
— Pets
— Other

Please keep in mind that I won’t be able to accept every offer I get, but I might, as I have to make sure it fits with my blog and is something my readers would be interested in. Thank you!

Blogger Collaborations:

If you are a fellow blogger looking for a fun project, I am always looking for bloggers to collaborate with! The possibilities are endless, we could work together on all sorts of cool things.  You don’t need to have a certain amount of views/comments/followers to collaborate with me, I am willing to work with all bloggers, big & small, who have great content that matches with my blogs content. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Brand Collaboration:

At the moment I am very interested in collaborating with brands! I think it would be super fun for both of us, and I would be able to promote your brand on my blog. This could be any sort of project. I’m open to any new ideas and discussion. Thank you!


11 thoughts on “collaborate with angel love”

  1. Hiya. I absolutely love both you and nearly a princess blogs. Would love to do a collaboration with you both I know your both busy with your current one but when u have time, please consider me for the next one. Maybe we can blog together about the cute things we can get in our countries. I am currently obsessed with Tsum Tsums, Funko pops and Disney animator dolls. 😃😃

  2. Hey angie its Layla Varley,
    I started a blog yesterday and it would be fun to collaborate,
    The only thing is you and claire are the only ones at school who know now and id like to keep it that way because you guys could give me adivice and stuff! xx

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