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I am incredibly sorry for having not posted on my blog for agessss – I have been so busy! I just had a two and a half week break off of school, and it was a much-needed rest.

A lot of things have happened since December – I met my amazing friend Mia, we created a blog together (check it out here), we changed my Instagram to a group one and we’ve had a lot of fun!  I’ve also gotten glasses, and I simply love them. And in four months, I’m getting my braces on! It will be so different but it will be for the best.

I’ve been having terrible writer’s block, if you have any posts you’d like to see please feel free to email me or comment below, the same goes with collaborations! Thank you so much for sticking around with me, it means a lot.

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Christmas Foods – Day 2/5

Hey guys!

Until Christmas, I’m going to post a few different Christmas posts – things to do if it’s cold in your area or warm, outfits and that kind of stuff in general! Today I’m going to be doing food you can have, let’s get started!

Summer Christmas Food Ideas

Because I live in the Southern Hemisphere and most other people I know do, let’s get started on the food list for Summer Christmas! You can also have these foods any other time in summer as they’re very refreshing and nice to have!


Smoothies – Smoothies are so good for you, plus it is full of fruit and nutrients that’ll help you through the day!

fruit 2.jpg

Fruits – Now, fruit is very important to have. Strawberries, kiwi, mango, they’re all good for you! So have some!

sandwich 3.jpg

Sandwiches or Toasted Bread – Now I love my sandwiches, they’re easy to make, they’re delicious and you can put many different toppings on them!

bowl 4.jpg

Acai Bowls or Buddha Bowls – Ok, my favourite is the Buddha bowl, as I love rice and avocado and over things mixed together, but acai and smoothie bowls are insanely good for a quick breakfast meal!

ice cream 5.jpg

Ice Cream and Sorbet – Now. In summer it’s going to get. What better than some ice-cream or sorbet to keep you cool and also be having a delicious snack at the same time.

milkshakes 6.jpg

Crazy Milkshakes – These are insanely good. And look amazing too. If you have the chance, have one. They’re refreshing and look awesome at the same time.

foreign foods 7.jpg

Foreign Foods – Burritos, Sushi, Pasta, Indian, these foods are all delicious and you get to experience a new cultures food at the same time!

cakes 8.jpg

Cakes – We can’t forget cake in general. Whether it’s pancakes in the morning or cookies and donuts at lunch, a good cake is always in need.

burger 9 .jpg

Burgers and/or Fries – Burgers are so good. And you can make them at home, so it’s also great to eat if you’re staying at home or for Christmas lunch!

iced 10.jpg

Iced Drinks – Iced drinks in general are so good. They taste delicious (whipped cream mmmm) or even a boba drink is just really nice!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have something else you love to eat in Christmas or Summer/Winter please comment it below! See you guys later!

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Day 1 – Music

Hello y’all!

Today I’m going to be sharing the top Christmas music you can listen to this holiday season, even though I probably won’t listen to it because musicals have actually taken over my life (I’m looking at you Heathers, Hamilton and In The Heights!) Well, let’s get started!

Christmas Playlist 2016

  • All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey (Gurl, this song never goes out of style. When I hear the word Christmas, I think of Mariah Carey).
  • Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms (Classic Christmas Song, so classic that at our schools Christmas ceremony we all stood up and sang it!)
  • Rockin’ Round The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee (Ok, this gives me nostalgia from a few Christmas’ ago where we ran around the Christmas Tree with this playing. Good times, good times)
  • Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano (This song. Is. Awesome. I just love the songs upbeat tune, it makes me smile all the time!)
  • Underneath The Tree – Kelly Clarkson (This makes me all happy, and I just love it so much!)
  • You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Thurl Ravenscroft (How The Grinch Stole Christmas is one of my Christmas Movie must haves, and I just love this song so much cause I feel like it relates to me when it probably shouldn’t 😂)
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Leslie Odom Jr. (Man, this is so good! He’s amazing on broadway, and he is amazing at his singing in general. I actually cried listening to it)
  • Light Of The World – Lauren Daigle (Ok, I hadn’t heard of her before, but when I saw this song and listened to it, I was amazed! Her voice is so good!)
  • Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town – Mariah Carey (Of course, another classic Mariah Carey Christmas song. I can’t help that they’re so good!)
  • Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande (Ok, Ariana Grande is an amazing singer, and I love her songs so much! Her voice is just so beautiful.)
  • Baby It’s Cold Outside – Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé (This song is so good, it makes me smile every time I listen to it!)
  • December – Ariana Grande (I just love her Christmas Album, it’s so good!)

Well, that’s all the Christmas songs I’m going to be listening to, plus many more! I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more!


Blogmas ’16!


I will be doing Blogmas this year again, but I’m going to change it up again! It’s going to consist of many things this year – music, crafts, positivity, and in general, things to do at Christmas time in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere!

So today I will post the ones I haven’t done, so I don’t miss out on any days! I will also have some other posts to put up because I have so many ideas of things I can share with you!

So yeah, if you have anything you would like to see please comment below! I’m going to create a word document of my daily ideas now!

xx angie 1

Trip to New Caledonia – Part 1

Hello again,

I just recently went on a trip to the lovely island of New Caledonia and Ils Des Pins in the holidays to have a vacation and visit family. It was so lovely, and I actually managed to get a tan. I know, I got an actual tan. This is something. But, I thought you guys would like to see the photos, so here I am with a few posts about my trip!

2016-10-02 14.39.47.jpg

This, this beautiful thing, was the view from our hotel room. I just loved eating breakfast on the balcony everyday – bread and sometimes noodles, and reading a book out here. It’s just so soothing.

2016-10-02 15.32.58.jpg

This. Bagel. Sandwich. Was. So. Good. It tasted amazing, I need another one. Smoked salmon on cream cheese with eggs, tomato, cucumber and lemon, and was is photo worthy.

2016-10-03 17.25.34.jpg

My Great-Grandma’s plants are so aesthetically pleasing, it makes me so happy! It inspires me to grow my own succulents.

2016-10-04 12.59.25.jpg

This ice cream. This is how life needs to be. That is literally all cream. And it was so amazing.

2016-10-04 13.02.14.jpg

And this, is the inside of the goddess. It’s the queen of ice-cream. loOK at it! It was so good, I need more in life 👌.

2016-10-02 11.24.24.jpg

This plane photo is my favourite. The colours give me life. I made the mistake of reading a fan fiction were they crashed on a plane and I was terrified the whole flight 😂.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed part one of the photos from my trip! I felt like a pro getting into my ninja positions to take these. Most of them were taken with Hamilton puns being created or said. I am totally not listening to Hamilton whilst writing thi- THOMAS JEFFERSON’S COMING HOMEEEE!

xx angie 1


Liana’s Birthday Party!

Hello guys,

So as you may now from my Instagram, my close friend Liana had a birthday party a few months ago, and it was so much fun! I met so many new friends, and I love to talk to them all! You can check out her blog – just click right here.


Geri and I look pretty awesome in this photo, my sparkly hat was the life of the party though 😂😂


Ok, you may think I look stupid, but trust me, I feel so proud of this photo. I’m just loving the fabulous leprechaun look going on here.


Geri and I, yet again, in a photo. But this one is special. See, we were holding the child of the party. One of the VIP’s. The sun with a green moustache. He was a great chap.


This is Angie and I. Yes, I know, another Angie. We had to take this photo cause, you know, Angie powers! The swag in this photo though.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did being in them and writing this post! I have to the Renee for these amazing photos! You have to check out her blog – the link is here. I had so much fun at the party, and I have met many amazing people who I’m glad to be friends with! What was your favourite photo?

xx angie 1

Hamilton – The Freaking Amazing Hip-Hop Musical

Hi guys,

Today I am going to talk to you about a phenomenal, amazing and pretty rad hip-hop musical you probably have heard about – Hamilton, An American Musical. If you haven’t heard about it, literally, how have you not? It’s so good, and I recommend the Original Cast Recording of Hamilton on Spotify! Now Lin-Manuel- I mean my literal hero and god, turned a biography about one of the Founding Fathers Alexander Hamilton into a rap musical – filled with the Revolutionary War, King George III being fabulous and most of all the gift god gave us to the world – Anthony Ramos. He is a literal gift to the world, praise the smol bean forever! Anyway, back to the actual topic, it took over 7 years for Lin to write all 46 songs in the Hamilton album, and all of them have an amazing background to them. They also won 11 Tony awards this year, one of them for best choreography and best musical!


Literally look at this mans face. This is Lin-Manuel Miranda and he looks so fabulous, man. I’m totally not printing this image out and putting it on my wall.


Look. At. This. Fan. Art. It is marvellous and shows the squad perfectly (Hamilton, Lafayette, Laurens and Mulligan.)


Ok, I totally don’t ship lams. Joking, I ship them so much! This was one of my favourite lines and showed how close their friendship was. Laurens is on the left and Hamilton is on the right.

hamilton 5.gif

Ok literally, this is so cute. My ship. There is literally so many moments like this in Hamilton between Laurens and Hamilton.

hamilton 6.gif

Ok, Philip Hamilton is literally one of my favourite characters, and I feel like he isn’t recognised enough. He DIED for his own father because someone was talking trash about him. And then he still stayed strong whilst dying.

hamilton 9.gif

Ok, totally not another Lams moment, because look how cute they are!

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 11.45.50 AM.png

Thomas Jefferson is the swag-master and one of the most fabulous Founding Fathers, because dude look at that suit man! I love it! He deserves heaps more credit honestly.

Now, I’m hoping those points made you see that Hamilton is awesome, because I was fangirling the whole time whilst writing it. Jefferson, Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, all of the Founding Fathers of America and the Constitution and Federalist Papers deserve more credit for all the work they did making America strive and be a strong independent country. So if you haven’t, you have GOT TO listen to the Hamilton playlist, because its so good! I hope you all are enjoying your day and week, comment down below who your favourite Founding Father is!

xx angie 1